What Exactly Is CUI? (And How To Manage It)

It certainly sounds official—like it might be the subject of the next action-packed, government espionage, Jason Bourne-style thriller. Or maybe put it before the name of a racy city and have your next hit crime series. A history of mysterious aliases like “official use only”, “law enforcement sensitive”, and “sensitive but unclassified” only adds to the intrigue.

So, what exactly is CUI, and why should your company care? Hint alert—obtaining a government contract could depend on how your organization addresses CUI, so for many it’s a topic worthy of discussion.

CUI, or controlled unclassified information, didn’t have much of an established identity before 2010. It went by any number of aliases and took a back seat to the more glamorous classified category. However, should CUI fall into the wrong hands, something as serious as national security could be at risk.

This article will explore CUI—what it is, why it’s so important, how CUI management is changing, and the single most important action your company can take to properly manage CUI today. Below are the relevant topics about this article:

  • Classified vs. controlled unclassified information (CUI)
  • What is CUI?
  • How is CUI management changing?
  • Securing CUI
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