Preparing businesses for when cyber compliance matters with
US cyber guidelines based on NIST®

The 9 Steps to Achieving ‘Reasonable Security’

New privacy laws require businesses to implement a comprehensive data security strategy that ensures “reasonable security.”

Privacy lawyers are urging businesses to manage this important requirement with 9 steps, which we outline in this free one-sheet.

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What We Do

Omnistruct maintains cybersecurity and privacy programs as a service to help US based businesses improve their cyber posture so they can reduce the fiduciary, civil, and reputational risk associated with sensitive data disclosure.

Cyber Compliance For All

-Continuously fulfill the cyber compliance checkbox

-Understand, score, and address your cyber risk

-Illustrate you are “doing” security proactively

That’s what our Omnistruct service plans have been doing for big business and now your small business can measure and illustrate your own cyber compliance posture FREE with the Omnistruct Free plan. So, why are you waiting for a hacker to succeed? Get busy and….


Benefits of Omnistruct CARE

  • Achieves and maintains continuous cyber compliance

  • Catches what tools miss by focusing on people and process

  • Reduces privacy data disclosure risk

  • Increases return on cyber insurance investment

  • Expands cybersecurity accountability throughout entire organization

  • Provides executive and board level risk mitigation of cyber incidents

  • Provides regularly refreshed Written Information Security Policy (WISP)

  • Consolidates NIST CSF with your other regulatory frameworks (ie: PCI DSS, CIS/CSC 7.0, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800-53 and more)

  • Creates trail of cyber governance proof to satisfy 3rd-parties

  • Provides measurable cyber KPIs for achieving cyber security posture & goals

  • Integrates with existing operation, VAR, or MSP

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