What are Omnistruct Cybersecurity Badges?

We now provide digital badges to our clients to certify their level of cybersecurity compliance. This helps convey trust with the market and customers. Every badge that we provide is clickable and verifiable. Learn more about the badges we offer below.

Standard Cyber Capabilities Badge

Omnistruct's Standard Cybersecurity Compliance BadgeThe Basic Cyber Capabilities Badge signifies a foundational level of cybersecurity preparedness. Companies displaying this badge have implemented essential measures to protect their digital infrastructure and sensitive data. These measures include:
  • Generating endpoint protection and reports
  • Initiation of cybersecurity training programs
  • Establishment of backup strategies.
  • Implemented vulnerability scanning and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) network monitoring with regular reporting.

Advanced Cyber Capabilities Badge

Omnistruct's Advanced Cybersecurity Compliance BadgeThe Advanced Cyber Capabilities Badge represents a significant milestone in cybersecurity readiness. Companies bearing this badge have demonstrated a commitment to proactive risk management and resilience against cyber threats. Key achievements include:
  • Implementation of a vulnerability management program
  • Establishment of rigorous risk management processes
  • Formulation of an encryption strategy
  • Deployment of Data Leak Prevention (DLP) policies.
  • Developed robust incident response procedures
  • Conduct regular penetration testing to fortify their defenses

Mature Cyber Capabilities Badge

Omnistruct's Mature Cybersecurity Compliance BadgeAchieving the Mature Cyber Capabilities Badge signifies a company’s commitment to robust continual cybersecurity practices. Companies with this badge have demonstrated the implementation of advanced measures to safeguard their digital assets. These include:
  • Establishment and enforcement of a comprehensive data classification procedure
  • Development of resilient Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
  • Integration of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for emerging threats and risks.
By displaying this verified badge, our clients affirm their proactive approach to cybersecurity governance, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and the continuity of operations.

Learn more about how your organization can attain the Standard, Advanced, and Mature Cyber Capabilities Badges and elevate your cybersecurity posture, reach out to Omnistruct today.