Without Omnistruct

Your biggest customer just sent you a cybersecurity questionnaire. You sort of remember that you have a cybersecurity program but it’s been years since you have seen it. You have to keep this client so you call your technology person and start quizzing them about these items and you find that you aren’t really ready, or can’t prove your compliance and it puts this customer and revenue at risk.

Your teams are forced to spend time running yearly audits and putting technology in place to keep data safe, sometimes just doing the bare minimum to keep you in compliance. But that is just not enough. Today’s chances of a cyberattack are 1 in 4. One breach could put you out of business or at the very least ruin your reputation.

With Omnistruct

Omnistruct reduces your fiduciary, civil, and reputation risks and liabilities associated with data breaches and cyber-attacks. We build and help keep track of all the regulations and make sure you are in compliance and up-to-date with the latest National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) frameworks. Best of all, your teams can focus on growing your business while Omnistruct focuses on your cyber hygiene.

Fully Comprehensive Information Security Program

We deliver a twelve-month information security program that establishes foundational diligence in your cyber posture. We do this by conducting risk assessments focused around the handling of your sensitivity and establishing a baseline scoring metric based on using new US guidelines in cybersecurity, privacy, and risk management built by NIST. We subsequently target measurable outcomes as your program matures. We work seamlessly with internal teams or Managed Service Provider’s and since we don’t sell technology you can trust our recommendations. We let you know the process and keep you and your team informed of the progress every step of the way.

Risk Management

We have years of experience doing cybersecurity audits. Too many companies see an audit as a hurdle to get over rather than as an ongoing commitment to improving the organization. A year between audits is simply too long in today’s fast paced environment with ever changing regulations and new breaches happening daily. Your customer is sharing critical information with your organization and wants you to identify, understand, and mitigate the risks quickly.

Continuous Third-Party Auditing

Having a third party attestation of your information security program provides confidence to your customers that you take the stewardship of their data seriously. Continuously showing that you are doing the right thing can also help to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. You are trying to meet the CMMC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001 standards and the team at Omnistruct can help you build a successful program and maintain a high compliance into the future.

A Risk-First Solution to NIST Compliance

Our suite of compliance services

Vulnerability Assessments

Frequent low-impact tests that create actionable items to reduce risks.

NIST Compliance

Proving to your customers that your organization is capable of handling data to a set of current US guidelines.

Compliance Desk

Do you have a compliance, regulatory, or insurance question? Our helpful compliance desk will get you the answer you need quickly.

vCISO Solutions

When your large customer wants to get on the phone and talk security controls, we are here to help.

Penetration Testing

Do you want to see how you defend against hackers? Our in-depth knowledge and security tools can help you.

Dark Web Monitoring

We provide continuous monitoring of your domain for any data breaches containing your companies data.

Questionnaire Handling

Your biggest customers are trying to decide if doing business with you is a risk. Our automated system helps to answer these questions and give your clients confidence.

Incident Response Services

Despite doing everything right, risks still exist. We help manage the response to retain forensics, reduce risks and keep a defensible space.

Third-Party Technology Partner Network

We only sell risk mitigation and privacy solutions. We rely on third parties for technology and services. This means that we can be impartial when discussing your organizations’ needs.

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Our company advisors and mentors include some of the architects of the Internet


We can reduce your risk when an incident occurs


We help handle supply-chain cyber questionnaires from customers, prospects, and partners


We provide full cybersecurity program management


We can increase sales with the Omnitrust Certification Attestation Stamp