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In an era of escalating cyber threats, compliance alone won’t protect your business. Legislators are enforcing stringent cyber risk mandates, and executives face personal accountability when hackers succeed.

Enter Navigating Cyber Risk, a podcast designed to demystify cybersecurity for executives and board members. Our expert insights, woven into captivating storytelling, ensure each episode is both educational and engaging.

Join our co-hosts, George Usi and John Riley, co-founders of Omnistruct, as they unravel the complexities of the digital realm. Gain actionable insights to navigate the digital landscape securely and fortify your cyber resilience. Subscribe now to lead confidently in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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Elevate your cyber resilience. Navigating Cyber Risk podcast deciphers cybersecurity for executives, bridging compliance gaps. Co-hosted by Omnistruct founders, George Usi and John Riley, it offers expert insights for secure navigation of the digital landscape. Subscribe now to stay ahead in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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Meet the Hosts

George Usi

George Usi

An award-winning leader in Internet governance with 25+ years of experience working with large scale enterprise businesses and service providers.

Noteworthy Roles:
-Founder & CEO – Omnistruct Inc
-Board of Advisors and – Leadership Council – Secure The Village
-Co-Char and Executive Treasures – California IPv6 Task Force
-Co-Founder & CEO-SACTECH

John Riley

John Riley

He drives the strategic operation for Omnistruct. He has more than 25 years experience operating, securing, and managing global business.

Noteworthy Roles:
-Founder & President – Omnistruct Inc
-Board of Advisors & Leadership Council – Secure The Village
-Co-Founder & President – SACTECH

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