About Omnistruct

Cybersecurity Risk Transfered

Cyber Risk Transference. What does this mean? GRC, CaaS, Continual Audit? In a competitive marketplace where every organization is at risk with imminent shutdown, there is a battle raging to capture sensitive data.

Omnistruct prepares organizations to ensure that their security and privacy programs work. We are not a tool company. We help you build a practical cybersecurity risk framework so you can truly understand your exposure to threats and transfer your risk. Cyber risk transference is the least expensive way to manage your cybersecurity risk while ensuring you are meeting all of the regulatory requirements.

As frontline cybersecurity experts and auditors for over 25 years, we know that the biggest issue facing organizations isn’t the tools they’re using–it’s the ability to stay up to date with the latest policies and legal requirements, consistently. We ensure that your security and privacy program is not just a checkbox solution, but one that will protect your organization from cyber threats and attacks today, tomorrow and in the future.

Omnistruct was founded in 2018, and is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Our clients include companies like Blue Diamond Growers and Financial Fitness Group. We have partnerships with over 25 leading MSP providers across the US.

The Omnistruct Story

Our founders George Usi and John Riley have been best friends since high school. George, an award winning leader in Internet Governance, and John, a systems and operations leader decided to join forces in 2018 when they realized that companies were spending money on cybersecurity band-aides leaving them vulnerable to attacks and not meeting the legal requirements.

They knew there was a better way. The biggest issue facing companies wasn’t the tools they were using, but that they weren’t practicing the compliance policies that were in place. Most companies had to scramble to get ready for audits, which showed disorganization and an inability to show proof of compliance.

George and John came to believe that there was a better way, and that it was possible to make cybersecurity compliance part of their culture and so they created Omnistruct.

With the rate of ransomware attacks and data breaches, many companies are too reliant on technology to protect them. Omnistruct is not a tool company, we were designed to be different. We help you build a practical cybersecurity risk framework so you can truly understand your exposure to threats and transfer your risk.

True cybersecurity goes beyond simple compliance and way beyond what technology can do. This is why we utilize the NIST CSF Framework which allows us to integrate with other compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, or CMMC.

Today, Omnistruct helps our clients and partners to transfer their cybersecurity risk to ensure they are always in compliance.

Vision - Beyond Risk Reduction

Omnistruct’s Vision

To ensure that all users’ data is safe and protected online.

Omnistruct’s Mission

We work with our partners to ensure that privacy and compliance are integral in their culture while having the latest and securest technology to reduce cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Omnistruct’s Values

  • Be Courageous
    Go fast and challenge yourself to be a better person.
  • Be Engaged
    Let passion drive you in an ever-changing industry.
  • Integrity
    Do the right thing, especially when no one is watching.
  • Innovative
    Be brave and embrace a “maker” mindset.
George Usi - CEO and Co-founder

CEO and Co-Founder

George Usi

George is an award-winning leader in Internet governance and leads the vision for Omnistruct. He has over 25 years of experience working with large-scale enterprise businesses and service providers including Internet stability research and advocacy work with some of the scientists who created the Internet. In addition to his role as CEO, he Co-Chairs the California IPv6 Task Force.

George has a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sacramento and graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Knight School of Management SLEI/LBAN Certificate Program. He is a Level II Apprentice blacksmith and an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness and Women’s Health.

George Usi - CEO and Co-founder

President and Co-founder

John Riley

John drives the strategic operation for Omnistruct. He has more than 25 years’ experience in operating, securing and managing global businesses.

He’s worked for companies like Objective Systems Integrators, as a Vice President of Information Technology for Fusion Storm, and has acquired, sold and owns a number of businesses in multiple industries. A systems engineer by trade, John attended the University of California Davis executive education and coursework program to study operations and security. He is a native of Placerville, California. In his spare time he likes to scuba dive, is a world traveler, long-haul road tripper, free-thinker, and biker-looking dude with a heart of gold.