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Omnistruct CEO George Usi to Present at Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference – San Diego

October 25 – 27  at San Diego, CA Our own George Usi will be speaking about how you can get started with NIST Frameworks. Where Should I start with the NIST Cyber Security Framework and the NIST Privacy Framework? Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM Register today and get 20% [...]

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What Exactly is CUI? (and How to Manage It)

It certainly sounds official—like it might be the subject of the next action-packed, government espionage, Jason Bourne-style thriller. Or maybe put it before the name of a racy city and have your next hit crime series. A history of mysterious aliases like “official use only”, “law enforcement sensitive”, and [...]

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Cybersecurity News: 2020 – The Year Data Privacy Becomes Law

A few months ago, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden introduced a federal bill proposing new data privacy standards, along with stiff penalties for companies that failed to meet them. Though it hasn’t made it past a committee hearing, the “Mind Your Own Business Act” is surely a sign of things to [...]

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Cybersecurity News: The 3 Factors of Data Protection

California’s CCPA law is officially in effect — and it’s just the beginning: The nationwide movement to regulate data protection is on. To better understand what this means for your business, our experts recommend thinking of data protection as a tripod, with the “three legs” of security, privacy and [...]

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Cybersecurity News: Rethinking Password Security

For years, we were told that a password had to be a complex blend of numbers, lower- and upper-case letters and special characters. They had to be changed frequently, too. Maybe even once a month. Turns out, all of that’s wrong — or, at least, obsolete. Welcome to our December [...]

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Nominated for 2019 Sacramento Region Innovation Award

Omnistruct's Cybersecurity Risk Measurement software was nominated for the 2019 Sacramento Region Innovation Award.  Launched in 2019 and based on the new US cyber security guideline, NIST CSF, the Omnistruct app helps businesses reduce the risk of regulatory cyber compliance. The Award The Omnistruct SaaS application was nominated for [...]

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SacTech Evolves to Omnistruct and Enhances Cyber-Compliance Solutions!

Thanks to the success of our cyber security as a service offering and our Omnistruct Platform (built on the NIST Cyber Security Framework), SacTech is proud to announce our company name is upgrading to Omnistruct, Inc. Starting July 1st, customers will receive communications from our new domain name.   Why [...]

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