Holiday Message From The CEO

Hi! I’m George Usi, one of the founders of Omnistruct.

From everyone here at Omnistruct, we wish you and everyone in our community happy holidays and thank you for your business. 

We want you to know that we are appreciative of your continued loyalty and partnership.  For those who are considering us, we are thankful for your consideration.  

As I reflect back on 2020, we recognize the difficulties we faced in life and business this past year and how it has challenged and changed us in ways none of us ever imagined possible.  We are grateful we were able to help so many of our customers grapple with the cyber risks, cyber security, and data privacy challenges in an Internet delivered world where digital deviants are still lurking to disrupt our progress. 

With so many working from home, new security challenges emerged for many of our customers.  So, we have been busy transforming our business to adopt a more “people centered” approach that caters to virtual working by streamlining our business operations with new toolings so virtual meetings and team interactions are substantive, effective, and, when plausible, automated at achieving cyber compliance objectives.   

Three key improvements were made that include:

 1) The introduction of a new governance and regulatory compliance platform that minimizes human error while making your information security program policies and controls more effective and enforceable

2) Streamlining of our NIST CSF security program metrics and controls in our subscription packages to accommodate the variations in need for the industries with the most pressing privacy and security compliance supply chain attestation demands.  

3) Launching our Anvil Channel Referral Program for insurance brokers, business attorneys, and IT providers allowing us to move faster and expand metrics and measures within .

As we look forward to 2021, we are confident that these changes will give your security program the foothold to improve your cyber hygiene from the inside out while reducing your risk profile in cyber governance.  Your future is bright with the right NIST blueprint for your cyber-security “air war” that helps with your in-the-trenches “ground war” of security toolings, technology professionals, and threat intelligence from the information security community.

Finally, our hearts ache for those who have lost more than ever imagined possible in the last ten months.  With many who will be jobless, homeless, or struggling to retrain, we recognize  that they will need helpers in the year ahead.

We have chosen to invest our time into a CARES Act program in the City of Sacramento called Cyberproud to help job seekers disrupted by the pandemic retrain for careers in information security. We would like to encourage each of you to consider a similar investment of time in 2021 to help a cause directly related to the recovery of people impacted by the pandemic.

To learn more about Cyberproud, visit our blog or click on the Cyberproud highlight in our community messaging.

So, when the sun rises on New Year’s Day, we will be by your side to charge forward and grow with you as the undue chaos from 2020 finds our rear view mirror and growth and prosperity return. 

From the Omnistruct family to yours, we all wish you blessings of happiness, health, and prosperity for 2021.

Warmest greetings, 


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