Case Study: Cybersecurity is Not Optional. DoD Contractors Must Take Action to Stay Safe and Secure

The Situation of the Client

A Billion-dollar Department of Defense (DoD) Contractor faced the challenge of effectively managing cyber risks in a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Maintaining an in-house cybersecurity team to keep up with the daily regulatory changes and mitigate cyber threats was expensive and challenging. The company recognized the potential financial and reputational impact of a cyber incident and the personal liability of the CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs. Many of their largest contracts would not be renewed if they couldn’t prove CMMC compliance. They needed a solution that provided quantifiable results, protected their organization, and ensured compliance with the constantly evolving regulations.


What Did Omnistruct Do to Solve the Challenge

Omnistruct offered Cyber Risk Governance as a Service, providing leadership and execution to policies and procedures based on CMMC2 requirements. By outsourcing their cyber risk governance to Omnistruct, the DOD Contractor gained access to expert guidance, continuous monitoring, and risk mitigation strategies. Omnistruct’s utility-based payment model ensured cost-effectiveness and enabled the organization to demonstrate compliance in the event of a cyber incident.


The Results We Achieved

Impact Reduction of Cyber Incidents.

By partnering with Omnistruct, the DOD Contractor significantly reduced the impact of potential cyber incidents. Omnistruct’s expertise in governance and risk management helped the organization implement robust cybersecurity measures, reducing the likelihood and severity of cyberattacks.

Cost Savings and Revenue Generation.

Omnistruct’s Cyber Risk Governance as a Service allowed the DOD Contractor to save $500,000+ per year in payroll costs, along with 30% in payroll taxes. These cost savings could be reinvested in strategic initiatives, driving business growth. Additionally, by effectively managing cyber risks, the DOD Contractor safeguarded their contracts worth millions of dollars, ensuring uninterrupted revenue generation.

Personal Liability Mitigation.

Omnistruct’s GaaS framework provided assurance to the CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs that they were taking proactive steps to mitigate cyber risks. In the event of a cyber incident, the DOD Contractor could demonstrate their adherence to best practices, minimizing personal liability and potential legal costs.

Enclaving and Outsourcing Supply Chain.

Recognizing the benefits of enclaving, the DOD Contractor leveraged Omnistruct’s expertise to navigate the complexities of outsourcing their supply chain. By working with smaller subcontractors who could achieve CMMC compliance faster, the organization mitigated cyber risks while ensuring a consistent flow of supplies. This strategic approach aligned with the industry trend, as 35% of DOD and Aerospace Contractors planned to outsource their supply chain to diversify and enhance cybersecurity.


Conclusion: By leveraging Omnistruct’s Cyber Risk Governance as a Service, the DOD Contractor achieved quantifiable results in cost savings, enhanced cybersecurity posture, and personal liability mitigation. The organization effectively managed cyber risks, preserved valuable contracts, and capitalized on the trend of enclaving and outsourcing supply chains to mitigate cyber threats. With Omnistruct’s utility-based payment model.

Cybersecurity Definitions

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