Compromise is now a matter of “when” and common language is needed to bring US businesses under a single umbrella of governance.

About NIST

  • NIST provides cyber security and privacy frameworks using to safeguard your business with reasonable security and privacy by applying suggested controls and maturity models like NIST.IR 7621r1, NIST CSF r1.1, NIST 800-171r2, and NIST 800-53r4.
  • The NIST Cyber Security Framework coupled with the new NIST Privacy framework introduces an opportunity to help businesses make privacy data sacred while suggesting foundations that improve cyber mindset, harden overall cyber posture, and limit whack-a-mole spending to comply with regulations.
  • Finally, 80% of cyber security professionals are gearing up for NIST adoption in anticipation of expected regulations stimulated by new consumer privacy laws.

Advantage of NIST with Omnistruct

Adopting any framework can be complicated. Using NIST with Omnistruct service plans make it painless by offering a cyber compliance “easy button” through governance and illustration of audits, policies, 3rd-party checklists, and progress of planned actions and milestones that will reduce the risk of fines, address third-party compliance inquiries, and minimize cyber insurance premiums.

More Details on NIST CSF

Simply Stated – Like GAAP is to Accounting, NIST is to Cyber Security in the United States. The National Institute of Standards & Technology Cyber Security Framework (“NIST CSF”), is the leading set of bipartisan executive orders initiated by the US presidential administration in 2013 and mandated for federal agencies by the presidential administration in 2017. Designed collaboratively between NIST and leading private sector technology companies, the NIST CSF mission was to draft a framework of uniform standards, guidelines, and documented publications for business cybersecurity risk management that can be tracked and measured in five simple to remember categories.


Organize your overall cyber security posture with a US guideline designed to keep US companies speaking the same cyber language so you can collaboratively fight cyber crime and protect privacy data!

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