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It’s time to address cyber risk and governance. You have been thinking about this and know that it is more than you or your teams can handle right now. Let Omnistruct guide you through this process and take a load off your team while still generating new business.

What Is The Best Way To Transfer Your Cybersecurity Risk

Compliance alone isn’t enough. It’s time to address the GR in GRC for you and your customers.

  • Reduce your risks when enforcing companies by having a third-party auditor tracking progress continuously.
  • Get more of your time back from having to create policies or answer questionnaires for your customers.
  • Earn up to 20% commissions.
  • Helps retain your high-value clients.
  • Sell more solutions to your customers based on Governance and Risk instead of just compliance recommendations.
  • Differentiate your cybersecurity services and earn additional revenue with regulatory, statutory, and risk transfer add on services.