Are you struggling to get and stay cybersecurity compliant?

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We are your continual BISO governing your ability to get and keep you and your third-party vendors continually compliant and provide evidence and proof when legal and regulatory come knocking.

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Do you need enhanced third-party vendor risk management?

Risks Of Sharing Data

The 2024 changes in US Federal law
upended the security landscape

It’s time to protect your revenue. Be prepared to prove that you meet or exceed the new legal security requirements or it’s lost contracts, market share, and credibility.

Risks To Your Organization

Executives and firms face fines
(and worse)

The days of “we’ll just pay a fine” are over. Going forward law enforcement aren’t slapping wrists —
they’re slapping on handcuffs.

Auditing Using NIST®

Don’t lose access to most of
business spending

Soon, non-compliant vendors will be cut off from the federal government, state and city governments, healthcare and other
security-liable customers.

You don’t need a full-time BISO. But you do need a BISO.

Omnistruct provides clients with the latest cybersecurity tech. And then assigns a fractional BISO too. They’ll stay on top of the latest statutory and regulatory requirements so you don’t have to. Coordinate third-party audits and develop the foundational map so you have the right tools for your situation. And ensures you can provide attested documentation to prove you’re meeting all of the requirements continually.

Your Omnistruct BISO will even support you legally with the evidence and proof to combat court, revealing everything you did to meet or exceed the legal and regulatory requirements continually.

Get The Risk-First Solution To
Cybersecurity Compliance

Full-Suite Continual Compliance Services

We do frequent low-impact tests and list actionable items to reduce your organization’s risks.

When your customer wants to discuss your security controls, we’re there to help.

Prove to your customers that you’re capable of handling data according to current guidelines. NIST CSF, SOC2, ISO27001, NIST 800-171, and others.

Want to see your hacker defense in action? Our in-depth knowledge and security tools can show you.

Even fully secured environments have risk. We help manage your response , retaining forensics, reducing risks and keeping a defensible space.

You’ll get quick, expert answers to the questions about compliance, regulatory, and insurance matters.

In 2024 and beyond, customers WILL determine their risks before doing more business with you. Our automated system helps you answer these questions and give your clients confidence.

Protect and defend your organization.

It’s time to transfer your cyber risk. Starting with one click.

Put 2024’s most critical to-do
into your ‘done’ column.

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