Keep Sensitive Data Sacred


Prepare the other 98% of business for when hackers pursue with simple cyber compliance.


Protect The Entire Business through fully managed compliance operations with oversight, 3rd-party audit defense, cyber hygiene governance, and security controls expertise delivered by military and service provider veterans with writing superpowers, deep security controls experience, and legal backgrounds.

How We Do It

We do this using the NIST Cyber Security Framework (“NIST CSF”) and our Omnistruct Utility Platform so even non technical CEOs and Board Members can illustrate their cyber risk diligence and privacy data stewardship actions.

Why Omnistruct?

In our 25+ years we have written policies for many large companies under the guise of assessments, audits, and consulting agreements. Annual follow ups on prior year assessments found that the rarely were controls or policies implemented and many tools had become unused shelfware.

George Usi
CEO & Co-Founder

George leads the vision for Omnistruct. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management from California State University Sacramento. In addition to his role as CEO, he Co-Chairs the California IPv6 Task Force. An award winning leader in Internet governance, George has a Bachelor’s degree from CSU Sacramento and graduated from Stanford GSB’s Knight School of Managements SLEI/LBAN Certificate Program. He has twenty-five years of experience working with large-scale enterprise businesses and service providers including Internet Stability research and advocacy work with some of the scientists who created the Internet. George grew up in Sunnyvale and Pollock Pines, CA graduating from El Dorado High School and Cosumnes River College prior to launching his career at Verio (now NTT). George heavily advocates Breast Cancer Awareness and Women’s Health and is a Level II apprentice blacksmith.

John Riley
President & Co-Founder

John drives the strategic operation for Omnistruct. He has more than 25 years experience operating, securing, ,and managing global businesses. A systems engineer by trade, John began his career as a Senior Apple Certified Technician in 1990. Shortly thereafter, John attended the University of California Davis executive education and coursework program to study operations and security while working for Objective Systems Integrators. In late 2000, John was recruited by Fusionstorm as a Vice President of Information Technology. John has acquired, sold, and owns a number of businesses in multiple industries. He is a native of Placerville, CA and graduated from El Dorado High School.

Matt M.
Operations Manager

Matt leads compliance operations and customer onboarding of security programs for Omnistruct. Matt is a US Air Force Reservist.

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