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We protect and expand your revenue creation, reputation, and customer retention through cyber risk transference, governance, and compliance.

Risks Of Sharing Data

What About Your Revenue Stream Needs Protection?

It’s time to protect your revenue. Be prepared to prove that you meet or exceed the fluctuating legal security requirements or you will lose contracts, market share, and credibility in your market.

Risks To Your Organization

Are you performing Random Acts of Cybersecurity?

Does it feel like you keep investing in cybersecurity with no end in sight? We’ll show you how the right planning and framework can give you a budget-friendly path to reducing the largest risks to your organization while adhering to legal standards.

auditing using NIST®

Do you know you need continuous third-party proof and auditing?

Many industries already have this requirement. Even if yours does not, most are not willing to wait for an annual review of your procedures, processes, and audits. If that’s not enough, lawmakers propose using the NIST® framework as a safe harbor for when hackers succeed.

We are not a cybersecurity tool company.

We understand that cybersecurity is not only a technical problem. It’s easy to think that throwing another tool into the mix will solve the problem, but the reality is that until you are able to objectively assess your current situation in alignment with contractual, statutory, and regulatory requirements, there will always be a gap.

Omnistruct stays on top of the latest statutory and regulatory requirements so you don’t have to. We provide the third-party audit and develop the foundational map so you can select the right tools for your situation. We ensure that you can provide the attested documentation that proves you are meeting all of the requirements.

A Risk-First Solution To Cybersecurity Compliance

Our Suite of Continual Compliance Services

  • Vulnerability Assessments
    Frequent low-impact tests that create actionable items to reduce risks for your organization.

  • vCISO Solutions
    When your customer wants to talk security controls, we are here to help.

  • Cybersecurity Framework Compliance
    Prove to your customers that your organization is capable of handling data to a set of current guidelines. NIST CSF, SOC2, ISO27001, NIST 800-171, or another.

  • Penetration Testing
    Want to see how well you can defend against hackers? Our in-dept. knowledge and security tools can help.

  • Incident Response Service
    Despite doing everything right, risks still exist. We help manage the response to retain forensics, reduce risks and keep a defensible space.

  • Compliance Desk
    Get quick, expert answers to the questions about compliance, requlatory, or insurance matters.

  • Questionnaire Handling
    Your biggest customers are trying to decide if doing business with you is a risk. Our automated system helps you answer these questions and give your clients confidence.

It’s Time to Transfer Your Cyber Risk

Focus on driving your revenue by partnering with us. Protection programs that easily meet all of your compliance requirements.

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auditing using NIST®

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Omnistruct goes to work protecting your revenue and making compliance simple and effective for your company.

Financial Fitness has partnered with Omnistruct to help us earn new business and retain existing business by demonstrating that we follow U.S. guidelines for cybersecurity thus earning more trust from our clients.

Joe Saari, Founder and Chairman, Financial Fitness Group

Blue Diamond Grower’s partnership with Omnistruct has given us peace of mind knowing that we have a comprehensive information security policy in place and that we’re continuously improving our security posture based on U.S. guidelines.

Steven Birgfeld, Vice President, Information Technology & Services, Blue Diamond Growers
MSA engaged with Omnistruct to help establish a cybersecurity framework based on NIST, to improve our overall security posture and to protect our customer’s information.
Eric Martin, Vice President of Technology, MSA