Taglines That Convey the Correct Mental Picture of Omnistruct

Omnistruct Taglines in the Marketplace Survey

Gartner has indicated that 60% of organizations will lose 50% of their sales contracts by 2025 and will need to prove reasonable cybersecurity for customers in order to keep contracts and earn new business.

Omnistruct is for organizations that need exceptional writing for policies and procedures for the hundreds of new cyber laws and industry regulations so they can prove reasonable cyber privacy, security and risk. Every state has a cyber law.

Omnistruct offers:
  1. Legal and regulatory impact
  2. Third party audit, attestation and governance
  3. Regulatory enforcement that often includes data privacy regulatory expertise and, in some cases, an entire privacy program.
  4. Regular technical, interdepartmental, and executive risk meetings. 
Our tagline needs to be brief but create a mental picture of what we do, while being a forerunner in the marketplace. We thank you for your valuable insight.

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