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  • Cyber hygiene is just as important as dental hygiene and many people/organizations could use improvement
  • CyberSecurity audits don’t have to be painful but if you keep putting them off they can cost your organization customers, revenue, and reputation
  • Let’s talk about how Omnistruct can help keep your organization in compliance, reduce information technology costs, and prepare you to win bigger contracts

A Risk-First Solution to NIST Compliance

 Our Suite of Compliance Services

Vulnerability Assessments

Frequent low-impact tests that create actionable items to reduce risks

NIST Compliance

Prove to your customers that your organization is capable of handling data to a set of current guidelines

Compliance Desk

Get quick, expert answers to questions about compliance, regulatory, or insurance matters.

vCISO Solutions

When your customer wants to talk security controls, we’re here to help.

Penetration Testing

Want to see how well you can defend against hackers? Our in-depth knowledge and security tools can help.

Dark Web Monitoring

We provide continuous monitoring of your domain for any data breaches containing your company’s data.

Questionnaire Handling

Your biggest customers are trying to decide if doing business with you is a risk. Our automated system helps you answer these questions and give your clients confidence.

Incident Response Services

Despite doing everything right, risks still exist. We help manage the response to retain forensics, reduce risks and keep a defensible space. 

Third-Party Technology Partner Network

We only sell risk-mitigation and privacy solutions. We rely on third-parties for technology and services. That means we’re impartial when discussing your organization’s needs. 


Beyond Risk Reduction









Prepare business for when compliance matters


WISP as a service


Programs and compliance


Metrics that matter


Value-added MSP / Integrated Partner


Supply/contract management