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Are you prepared to comply with new data regulations?

Omnistruct maintains cybersecurity programs as a service to help businesses improve their cyber posture and reduce their fiduciary, civil, and reputation risks associated with sensitive data disclosure.

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Learn how you can prepare for when a breach occurs.

Data breaches are inevitable — a matter of “when” and not “if.” Compliance with new privacy laws and enforcement of “reasonable security” is larger than your IT department — it’s a critical priority across your entire organization.

We help you understand your organization’s vulnerabilities, evaluate your risk, and measure key cyber KPIs to achieve and improve continuous cyber compliance.

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About Omnistruct

Our mission is to improve the cyber security posture of businesses through a maintained cyber security program so they can reduce the risk of fines and data disclosure. We do this using the NIST Cyber Security Framework (“NIST CSF”) and our Omnistruct Platform so CEOs and Board Members can illustrate their cyber risk acumen.

In our 20 years of expertise in this field, we have seen too many written policies go unimplemented. Our goal is to help you create, manage, maintain and update your cybersecurity policies to prepare for when a breach occurs.