We heard and saw organizations struggling with bits and pieces of Cyber Security. Here is the recap of the event to help you address the concern:
  1. Where to start.
  2. What to do when they start.
  3. How do they know they are doing cyber security correctly?
  4. Additional complexities. (E.g. Is privacy part of cyber security…yes and no?)
  5. Deluge of everchanging legalities based on privacy, data, use, aggregation, sharing, company size, location…deer in the headlights.
  6. Add…Vendor Management….WHAT? WAIT A MINUTE! Impose rules to vendors without your own house in order?
Everyone is aimlessly attacking this problem with no overall map or strategy.

Jay Allard, the Results Achievement Specialist at Omnistruct  discussed the three pillars at this event. 

  1. Security
  2. Privacy
  3. Vendor Management
    Blue Diamond Grower’s partnership with Omnistruct has given us peace of mind knowing that we have a comprehensive information security policy in place and that we’re continuously improving our security posture based on U.S. guidelines.

    — Steven Birgfeld, Vice President, Information Technology & Services, Blue Diamond Growers

    We partnered with Omnistruct to help us improve our security posture with the implementation of the NIST CSF framework and to perform our attestation of compliance. In addition, Omnistruct has provided consulting and cyber expertise to our clients which improved the trust and confidence in our Managed IT solutions.

    — Ralph Lawhorn, President / COO, Clare Computer Solutions

    Our clients count on us to be audit-ready and to have our cybersecurity in check. Our partnership with Omnistruct helps us achieve optimal security and compliance which significantly decreases risk for both us and our clients.

    — Jason Makevich, Founder / CEO, Greenlight Information Services

    Financial Fitness has partnered with Omnistruct to help us earn new business and retain existing business by demonstrating that we follow U.S. guidelines for cybersecurity thus earning more trust from our clients.

    — Joe Saari, Founder and Chairman, Financial Fitness Group

    Cadence Team has partnered with Omnistruct to help us provide additional cybersecurity education and expertise to our public-sector clients ensuring compliance per FERC/NERC.

    — Jeremy Caudill, Founder / Chief Technology Officer, Cadence Team

    Clever Ducks has partnered with Omnistruct to provide an additional layer of security oversight to our business and our customers. In addition, Omnistruct serves as a third-party attestor of Clever Ducks security compliance.

    — Peter Kardel, CEO, Clever Ducks

    MSA engaged with Omnistruct to help establish a cybersecurity framework based on NIST, to improve our overall security posture and to protect our customer’s information.

    — Eric Martin, Vice President of Technology, MSA