Photos of the panelist guests George Usi, Kevin Neal, and Beth Ann Moore as well as the title of the event.

How Executives Can Build Resilience and Uncover Revenue Leaks

May 16, 2023

Did you know that unstructured data plays a critical role in cybersecurity? It holds valuable insights and intelligence that can help your organization detect and prevent cyber threats. Unlock this to protect your revenue and mitigate future risks.

As unstructured data continues to increase, so are the risks and opportunities that come with it. Executives set the precedent for navigating this complex landscape by staying informed on emerging technologies and implementing best practices for data management, security, compliance, and privacy while focusing on revenue enhancement.

In this panel discussion, executives will gain insights into how to protect sensitive data, avoid penalties and potential costs while balancing accessibility, innovation, and growth. Our expert panelists will discuss:

  • Leverage unstructured data to identify revenue enhancement opportunities.
  • Effectively manage risks to avoid any negative impact on revenue.
  • Potential risks associated with unstructured data, including data breaches, privacy violations, and compliance issues.

Let’s Meet the Panelists


Kevin Neal

CEO, P3iD Technologies, Inc.
With over 25 years of experience, Kevin is recognized by AIIM (Association for Information Management) as an expert on Document Capture and Business Process Management. Kevin has built long-standing strategic relationships worldwide based on integrity, trust, and proven results. Kevin also serves as the Marketing Chair for the non-profit, TWAIN Working Group, in addition to his role as CEO of P3iD Technologies Inc. – a company delivering business cloud solutions that combine the benefits of digital workflow efficiency with the necessity of cyber security protections. Learn more and connect with Kevin Neal on LinkedIn.

Beth Ann Moore

Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales, CareAR, A Xerox Company
Beth Ann is a recognized Enterprise Content Management expert with specialized skills in working with Enterprise companies to review how they are handling and processing content throughout their organization while identifying ways to streamline their processes and increase productivity through workflow automation. Learn more and connect with Beth Ann Moore on LinkedIn.

George Usi

CEO and Co-Founder, Omnistruct
George is an award-winning leader in Internet governance and leads the vision for Omnistruct. He has over 25 years of experience working with large-scale enterprise businesses and service providers including Internet stability research and advocacy work. In addition to his role as CEO, he Co-Chairs the California IPv6 Task Force. Learn more and connect with George Usi on LinkedIn.

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Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance: Debunk the Top Misconceptions

Our expert panel debunked the top misconceptions about cyber insurance and MSPs at this event. It highlighted the importance of compliance and governance services, often overlooked but essential to managing cyber risks.

Here’s what was discussed:

  1. The real risks of cyber attacks and their potential impact on your business.
  2. The common misconceptions about cyber insurance, MSPs, compliance, and governance services
  3. The importance of compliance and governance services in your cybersecurity strategy.

Found Huge Value Bits and Piece of Cyber Security

The current trends that organizations are struggling with related to cybersecurity:

  1. Where to start
  2. What to do when they start.
  3. How do they know they are doing cyber security correctly?
  4. Additional complexities. (E.g. Is privacy part of cyber security…yes and no?)
  5. Deluge of everchanging legalities based on privacy, data, use, aggregation, sharing, company size, location…deer in the headlights.
  6. Add…Vendor Management….WHAT? WAIT A MINUTE! Impose rules to vendors without your own house in order?