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Omnistruct CEO to Share Cybersecurity Expertise in Upcoming Information Security Webinar

More Details:This webinar will explore the critical considerations facing executives amid the increasingly challenging backdrop of cybersecurity and privacy compliance.The economy is becoming overwhelmingly digital; a trend that’s only accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic. As widespread quarantines and work-from-home orders drive consumers ever more online, and further expose [...]

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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Facing the Hard Truths of Cyber Security

With major data breaches occurring on a regular basis, and European regulators setting new precedents that global-oriented businesses must follow, U.S. lawmakers are actively working to toughen cyber security and data privacy regulations here in the United States. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), already in effect, is one [...]

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3 Critical NIST Business Recovery & Security Resources You Should Be Using

The COVID-19 crisis has shown — among so many other things — that our modern, day-to-day business is as adaptable as it is vulnerable. Different times call for different measures, and many companies are showing that they’re willing and able to adapt to wildly different working conditions than they’re [...]

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Cybersecurity News: 2020 – The Year Data Privacy Becomes Law

A few months ago, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden introduced a federal bill proposing new data privacy standards, along with stiff penalties for companies that failed to meet them. Though it hasn’t made it past a committee hearing, the “Mind Your Own Business Act” is surely a sign of things to [...]

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Cybersecurity News: The 3 Factors of Data Protection

California’s CCPA law is officially in effect — and it’s just the beginning: The nationwide movement to regulate data protection is on. To better understand what this means for your business, our experts recommend thinking of data protection as a tripod, with the “three legs” of security, privacy and [...]

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NIST, ISO, CIS or COBIT? Comparing Comprehensive Cybersecurity Frameworks

From Facebook to Capital One, high-profile data breaches affecting hundreds of millions of people have become alarmingly commonplace. It should come as little surprise, then, that the United States is beginning to follow the lead of the European Union in creating laws to protect the sensitive consumer info that’s so [...]

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What Is a Cybersecurity Framework, and Why Does Your Business Need One?

In this era of destructive, highly publicized data breaches, cybersecurity is more essential than ever. Yet for businesses struggling to achieve it — or even wondering where to begin — it can also be a serious challenge. For these organizations, implementing a cybersecurity framework (CSF) should be a top [...]

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